The Complete DJ Course is a comprehensive One Month course which guides students through the full range of DJ skills: beat matching, CD and vinyl mixing, digital DJing featuring Traktor, introduction to scratching…it’s all here. For more than a decade Rose Music Institute has been teaching students of all ages how to mix. Atlantic College of Music is sponsored by Pioneer and classes are taught by professional DJs on the latest top of the range Pioneer kit including: CDJ2000 Nexus, DJM2000 Nexus, EFX 1000, RMX 1000, DDJ-SX DJ Controller as well as Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S4, X1 and F1 and trusty, ever faithful Technics 1210s. Each student has their own DJ workstation in class to ensure plenty of hands-on experience. All music styles are welcome and every student on the DJ course has access to the facilities 5 days a week for the duration of their course. All students get the chance to play a set in a Indian and International club by the end of the course.


Equipment & Set-Up

Equipment/mixer functions

Introduction to Pioneer CDJs/Technics 1210s

Fade Mixing: basic transitions using the volume faders

Cueing techniques/Setting a cue point on Pioneer CDJs

Counting beats and bars, ‘Drop Mixing’


How to detect BPM/Tempo using Pioneer and Serato mixers / BPM Counters

Understanding the Structure of Dance Music / beats, bars and phrasing

Beat matching different tracks

Practice phrase alignment/ synchronising beats for mixes

Beat-Matching/Creative Mixing

Using EQ controls for subtle blends

Understanding different dance music genres

Cross-fader technique – using the cross fader to chop up beats/vocals etc

Structuring a mix

How to synchronise tracks using BPM counters (trade secrets of pro DJs)

Recording Demo Mix

Learn how to connect equipment

Checking levels for effective recording

Record your own demo mix

Basic recording and editing techniques

Burn your mix to CD/ Save to a USB key

Harmonic Mixing/Digital DJ Skills

Understanding music formats/sound quality

Using Pioneer’s Rekord box software to prepare your music

Importing music from CD into i-tunes without losing sound quality

Analyse and detect the key of tracks for perfect harmonic mixes

Back to back mixing with other DJs

Loops & Hot Cues

Creating/ Adjusting loops using Pioneer CDJs

Beat Matching with quantized loops

Creating/triggering Hot Cue points on CDJ 1000s/2000s

Learn how to use any CDJ to create a hot cue for repeated triggering

Using loops to create build up effects to hype the crowd


Creating a Delay effect with two identical tracks

Using the mixer’s ‘Delay’ & ‘Echo’ effects to enhance your mixes

Using the ‘Roll’ and ‘Filter’ effects

Transitions between different genres using effects

Create your own bespoke samples for use in mixes/podcasts

Acapella Mixing/Digital Tricks

Using Acapellas to create live remixes

Digital scratching tricks used by pro DJs (James Zabiela, Laidback Luke)

Using insert effects on Pioneer DJM 900 and DJM 2000 mixers

Basic scratch techniques (Baby, Slur, Transforming)

Use Pioneer’s EFX 1000 & RMX 1000 external effects units

Native Instruments Traktor

Using digital vinyl systems featuring Native Instruments

Traktor DJ incorporating S2, S4, X1, F1

Tips on organising/categorising/ labelling your music

DVS effects, samplers, tricks and tips

Producing a Mix/Podcast

Plan and perform a DJ set using the latest Pioneer equipment

Record your demo using Logic Pro software

Learn basic post production/editing techniques

Get expert advice/tips from a pro DJ

Upload your mix online


Tips & advice on how to promote yourself

Tips on how to prepare for professional gigs

Writing a DJ Profile

Creating an online presence

Building your DJ brand / Create a DJ logo

Play Set in a Club

DJ at a Chennai,Bangalore Venue and All Over the world Club

Test your skills in live club environment

Try out everything you have learnt

Back to back mixing with other DJs

Learn to read the crowd and improvise

Enrolment criteria


Application fee

Completed application

Grade 8th pass or equivalent


Rs.30,000/-(Before Covid)-(One Month)

Rs.20,000/-(After Covid) (One Month)