Electronic dance music (EDM) is currently one of the hottest genres in popular music. From underground dance music to the global success of chart-topping electronic music producers like Calvin Harris, Skrillex, and Tiesto, the scene is growing.

Because of this explosion in popularity, there is an endless list of sub-genres in the field. Not to mention, a variety of tools and technology you can use to create the beats, sounds, and arrangements electronically. However, to become an electronic music producer, you have to be dedicated to your craft.

Whether you’ve already created a few tracks or are simply considering getting into the genre, here’s what you need to know about becoming a successful electronic dance music producer.

  • Consider what genre of electronic music you want to produce. You could pursue house, trap, ambient, dubstep, or create your own thing.
  • Choose and learn a DAW. A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is the software application you’ll use to produce, edit, and record your music. Atlantic Online offers a robust music production curriculum, with DAW-specific courses available. Some of the most popular include Logic Pro, FL Studio,CubasePro Tools, and Ableton Live.
  • Start experimenting! Take the tools you’ve acquired and make things happen. You’ll likely feel frustrated along the way, but embrace it and keep trying new sounds and arrangements until you get comfortable with the software and process. This first stage is all about start soaking up knowledge, mastering skills, and seeing the progress. Once you’ve found your favorite DAW and are getting the hang of how things work, the EDM world is your oyster.
  • Course Features:       

          Learn how to make hundreds of kick drum variations using these tips and techniques. Stop  going through hundreds of samples and save yourself time and frustration.

  • Kick drum design
  • Distortion
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Limiting
  • Transient control
  • Tube saturation

At the end of the day, you have to stay passionate about the genre and excited to absorb new information every step of the way. With a solid foundation, you’ll become a master electronic music producer and continue to innovate as you create a career in EDM.                                                                                                                                                                   

 Become a better electronic music producer with Atlantic College of Music 

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Completed application

Grade 10th pass or equivalent


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Rs.3,50,000/-(After Covid) -(One Year)