Electronic Music Production covers a broad range of Electronic Dance Music genres, from House to Dubstep, and Hip-Hop to Drum & Bass. Our Atlantic Electronic Music Production Programme will equip you with the skills to work in any of these genres, with many specific tips and tricks for your chosen genre. Whether you’re into writing, collaborating, producing or performing, this programme will help you develop all the technological skills, gain vital experience and strengthen your creative muscles to professionally produce those killer tracks you have locked inside you. This programme has evolved from the more successful elements of the Atlantic Music Production Degree which has been running for the past 16 years. The EMP Programme has been developed with tutors such as Khan and Professor Stretch to ensure its relevance in the modern electronic production scene.

Areas Covered:

• The modern workstation Assembly and signal flow of the digital audio workstation. Listening Analysis:

• A continuous look into different musical styles- Rock, Pop, Jazz, Electronic,Indian & Folk Styles, etc.

• Analysis of songs – forms and construction of a composition.(Song’s Structures)

• Time , Tempo, Rhythm • Time signatures, Quantization for drums and various rhythm based instruments. Electronic Music Production Covering in 5 Softwares Depending On Your Needs.

Using Softwares:

  • Logic pro X
  • Pro tools
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Fruity Loops
  • Abelton Live


• String section analysis

• Range of instruments

• Methods of composition using those instruments on the computer.

  • Keyboard
  • Orchestration
  • Midi Sequencing & Programming
  • Karaoke Making.
  • Singing Tricks & Tips(Solo & Chorus)

VST Instruments Installation & Teaching,

How to Make Background Music for Movies,Videos & Games

Syllabus of Music Production:
Any one DAW
Music Composition
Music & Song Production
Midi Programming
Rhythm Programming
Track System
Chords Progression
Bass Lines
Range of Instruments
Methods of Music Composition
Live loops & Set up Sequencer
Drum Machine
Tune creation
(Main Things)
VST Instruments & Plugins
Keyboard Programming
Applying Vocal & Collaborating
Midi File Edit & Corrections
Conducting Solo & Group Singing
Vocal Harmony
Pitch Correction
Auto Tune
Re- Recording (Background Score)
Micro Phones
Song Remix
Creative Essential
Finally Rough Mix…

Technical Areas:

Voice & Midi Stutter,Flanger,Phases,Dub-Step,Synth rise,Elastic Audios,Compressing,Dynamics,Voice & Instruments Tremolo,Tight Vocals,Vari Audio

Making of Sweep Noise,Echo Effects,Delay Effects,Side Chain etc,

Midi/Audio Editing:

• In-depth study of Audio Recording using microphone& editing it using different techniques.

Analog to Digital Conversion, Buffer Size, File Types, Project Folder, Project Checklist, Multitrack, Recording Audio, Trimming, Separating and Cutting, The Grid, Fades, Zooming, Cycling, Merging, Naming and Coloring, Markers, Comping, Software Instruments, MIDI Editing: Velocity, MIDI Editing: Quantization, Common MIDI Recording and Editing Functions


• Bringing the production to life, using different mixing related plug-ins and equalizers

Enrolment criteria


Application fee

Completed application

Grade 10th pass or equivalent


Rs.3,50,000/-(Before Covid)-(Six Months)

Rs.2,50,000/-(After Covid) (Six Months)

Rs.5,00,000/-(Before Covid)- (One Year))

Rs.3,50,000/-(After Covid) -(One Year)